Monday, July 20, 2009

willis, On Stage

I've always loved how my blog-friend Lisa (whom I've never met but totally adore) does personal pictures on her blog (I just like her blog, period). With that inspiration, I'll add some of my own pics here (taken by my "first wife"(and recent follower), and lovely daughter). I play bass guitar in three different groups. These shots are from one of these groups when we played at a local community 4th of July fest just before the fireworks this year. This group is a pops/jazz ensemble that gigs about once a month in local establishments (that don't have "drive thrus" or do massages), private parties and anywhere else that pays us (particularly if they have "drive thrus" or do massages)! We do some pretty diverse stuff from the likes of Van Morrison, Sinatra, Queen, Billy Holiday, Bacharach, etc...all the way from the 30's to recent (currently working on waltzes on accordion and polkas but ya gotta build first donchakno). The band includes Me, guitar, drums, trumpet, sax, percussionist, keyboards, and two vocalist. I love to play live which is why I'm involved in three is addicting. I'll likely never have pics of the other two as they are church venues....we'll see. I don't have (and didn't ask for) the permission of the other players in this gig and feel like I should before I post their pictures so all ya get is "willis". What, willis ain't enough for ya!? Who else do ya know that has his own tower?

Anyway, this post is not near as prolific as Lisa's in either prose or photos, but it's a start. How about that shirt, eh? Somewhere there's a house without a shower curtain!


  1. I love it.. I think I left that shower curtain in Dallas when I lived

    Great pictures and I love that you are sharing. Thanks Willis.. One of these days I will get brave and share mine too.

  2. So nice to see you Willis!! Maybe someday I'll give myself up.

  3. I like the shirt! And the musician! Thank you for the link and THANK YOU for posting these pix of you doing what you love. Oh, to have musical talent!