Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fighting The Good Fight, Awesome!

Continuing the fight to control who is allowed to marry, the city of Ft Myers florida voted to fire their city manager because his wife is in the adult entertainment industry. Guess he should have just lived with her instead of degrading everyone elses marraige by tying the knot. "Don't ask, don't tell" aparently needs to be expanded to civilians and their spouses incase someone is working at something that isn't "acceptable". So much for my thriving dildo business (I was just about to go "green" with a solar powered unit too)!

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  1. You must be listening to Jack Rice What a crock of

    I believe it was Ft Myers or one of those areas there around there, that was going to hire a "gentleman" who was going to undergo a sex change. That was okay, but a man marrying a woman who works in the adult entertainment industry isn't.. something is wrong with this picture. I think there must be more to the story than we know.