Saturday, May 30, 2009

Don't ask, Don't Tell.

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However, it is consistent with war = good, peace = bad logic.
Shamelessly ripped off from "theChive"

Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Insurance....I got your back.

Our state governor, Rick "good hair" Perry, is threatening to veto legislation that managed to get out of this session of the Texas state legislature. The bill authorizes an expansion of "CHIP" (child health insurance program). As it stands now only families of four making about $44100/year, twice the federal poverty level are eligible. The bill threatened would increase that to cover families making 3 times the poverty level with some shared cost based on ability to pay. Perry's reasoning is that those included that have private insurance may drop those plans and opt for CHIP instead. We sure don't need any poor folks slippin through and trying to get ahead!
If there was ever a reason to justify a single payer national health plan, this is it. For the record, I have no problem with Perry leaving the union whenever he wants.....I'll drive.
Some credits due here, I'm on the email list from Garret Coleman, a state representative that sent me this story (wish he was my representative!) and the moniker "good hair" was given by the wonderful wit and wisdom of Molly Ivins.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pelosi in the Wind

The broadcast news today displayed House Speaker Nancy twirling in the wind regarding when she knew what about torture. As much as I appreciate the fact she's a democrat I still have my problems with her and have, off and on during the last few years. I can't be descriptive on the formation of my opinion but that's part of the beauty of having a blog I guess. Others do it better, but I am what I am....naturally lazy. That said, what I like about the position Pelosi finds herself in is that it places her where she may push to have more of her dealings, hence where the Bush administration was, brought to light. Where I'm disappointed is that it takes a threat to her to make this happen if she knows something. The jury's out.
Torture is torture. Plain and simple. If you condone it, you're wrong....if you authorize it from a position of responsibility, you broke the law, ours and the rest of the civilized world's. I really hope this exposes the entire Bush regime sales job to justify invading Iraq. Or not, however it comes out.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Immigration Status Vs "Life"

Maybe that's a bit much as a title to this post but I find myself less tolerate of this sort of thinking and I can't help that it's what I hear when I read it. You're welcome to make up your own mind of course. Regardless, A Houston City Councilwoman (R-of course) questions if the 24 month old child that recently died from "swine flu" should have been admitted to a Houston hospital due to citizenship issues.......go read!

`Nuff Said

I've listened to all the slants and it doesn't seem any clearer than this from saint Ronnie:
Hey Glenn Beck, suck on this!
edit: In my initial haste to post this I skipped where I found it and linked directly to the source. It is now properly linked, one of my favorite sites - blondsense.