Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Govenor Race Where Nobody Wins

Sea hag, former prom date of Karl Rove, and part time Senator for us poor slobs in Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchinson (She's the one on the left, next to the ethically void, feckless flaming pustule) announces she'll resign her senate seat this fall to run for Texas Governor. She vows to stay in the senate until this fall so she can fuck up any one's chance of getting decent health care unless you're rich enough to deserve it. Her main adversary in the gubernatorial (where the hell did that term come from anyway?) race is secessionist and current "goberist", Rick Perry.

I only hope that Perry will be able to find another reptile to replace her that will continue maintaining Texas' trend of being just about last in anything except importing cheap labor from Mexico. At least Oklahoma still likes us. Mark my words here, you haven't seen the last of Kay on the national very afraid.


  1. I really do feel for you.. Even if a Democrat decided to run they would probably never be elected yet would they? I think Texas has just turned too red for that.. And to think it used to be one of the bluest of blue states..

    The rethugs are such liars and are so worthless, and the media is no help at all.

  2. You're joking about the prom date aren't you?