Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Can Haz Tower?

This must be part of the stimulus bill! Really, I had no idea that I would be getting my own tower! From the looks of this thing, it'll be a bitch to move to Texas and its much too far to commute so I guess I'm moving to Chicago.......AND, everyone is invited! The rent's free until the bastard is full. I, of course will have the top floor suite where I plan on installing a tee box platform kinda like Tiger Woods had in Dubai a few years ago. I'll be slicing balls over downtown.

I'm sure I'll have to deal with some paperwork so I'll keep everyone posted about the date of the grand opening! Hot damn!

Updated: Now that I've sobered up (a little), this appears to be a question of "if" so I changed the title to reflect that small nuance. Maybe Sears knows who I am, wants to take full advantage of the moniker "willis" and doesn't really plan to give it up (hey Sears, I got your tower right here!). More importantly, my friend Eddie has brought up some valid points in the comments that I hadn't considered which may effect if I want this thing. My neighbors may be real pissed but if I can't hit a golf ball off of it........willis has priorities and tolerances, don-cha-kno.


  1. Dude, you ain't gonna be able to keep a ball on a tee up there. I mean, they don't call it the Windy City fer nuthin'.

    And there'll be morning's ya get up and won't be able to see past the clouds below ya. And It sways in the wind, and lightning likes that thing, too.

    BTW, I ain't movin' to Chicago, that city is filthy and stinks.
    Chicago comes from local indian for 'Place of Bad Smells'.

  2. Ha! You know, MathMan told me about this and that's the first thing I thought "Hey, they're naming it after Willis!"

    I'm not crazy about changing the name, but if they have to pick a new name, Willis is fine with me.

  3. Willis - When I read the news this morning, I thought about you. I was going to send you a note, but then something shiney distracted me. You know how it goes.



  4. Eddie - Thanks for the info. The wind and clouds shouldn't effect my golf but lightning will!

    Lisa - Thanks for thinking of me. Name changes are difficult for landmarks. I may have to change my name to "sears" if I move in.

    Tengrain - You as well, thanks for thinking of me. What the hell was that shiney thing?