Friday, August 28, 2009

Town Hall Meetings

Rick Casey (columnist for the Houston Chronicle) wrote a piece today titled "How to Hold a Civil Town Hall Meeting" that I had to read at least three times to appreciate. I hope you'll look at least once. What I find telling is that in congressional districts that are staunch anti-Obama on any level and have a republican representative (redundant in Montgomery County, Texas but I hold hope for all others), the representatives need to put forth no effort to hold a town hall meeting. Just show up (late, drunk, hungover, in golf attire from an outing with the Pharm-guys, doesn't matter) and parrot Limbaugh lines. Otherwise, you have to work at it and this is how you do it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something About This Idiot....

Makes me miss the quiet, reasoned, intelligence of Katherine Harris.

Here's a tune that may explain it, but I could be wrong....

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Montgomery County Texas Watch!

There's a new blog started here in the Republic of East Texas and from what I've read, It's a very good one. I've welcomed it to my blog roll, give it a look!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Considering SCOTUS Nominee? 1st Consideration, The Very 1st Thing to Weigh is Protect the Guns!

Of our two Texas senators, Kay sucks slightly less than the other one. However, the other one being John Cornyn doesn't leave much for Kay as Big John pegs out the suck-o-meter on the vacuum side of zero. Trying to push the envelope for worse, Kay vows to vote against the confirmation of Judge Sotomayer due to Kay's perception of how the judge will handle gun ownership rulings should one come up.
Sixteen years ago, Hutchinson took the stand that she "would only vote against a Supreme Court nominee if there was a question of character, if the person was unfit for office, or unqualified for office". Sorry, gotta ditch that stand now, gun ownership is at risk!
For the record, willis doesn't own a gun but I'm not against the rights others to do so. The 2nd Amendment isn't at issue here. My problem is that one of my senator's is about to vote against a SCOTUS nominee over one issue for a perceived notion. My opinion of Kay's vote is that she is throwing up a 2nd amendment scare to pander to the flock of idiots that keep voting for her so she won't have to own up to the real reason which she can't support, i.e.; Sotomayor is too liberal.
Miserable hack!
Update: I guess George Sodini's 2nd amendment rights trumps the right to life for the three people he murdered. Heidi Obermier (46), Elizabeth Gannon (49), and Jody Billingsley (39), their families and friends, and the rest of us lose. Look, I don't know if this guy broke any laws to get his weapons but at the very least he was legal as hell but a lunatic and the NRA fundamentalist will fight ANY additional controls on gun ownership anywhere which makes them stupid, in my opinion, if not compliant when events like this occur. They own a piece of this, you judge the size but any is too much. Nice to see Kay use guns as her reason to take a stand....idiot.