Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Xe" Are On The Road Again

So now Iraq is kicking out the "Xe" security folks in their country allowing them a couple of days to pack.  Seriously, can't we just change their name?  That seemed to help their image over here.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gettin Our Maverick On

Part time governor, full time idiot, and occasional truth assassin on Fox "News" is in Texas stumping for secessionist/governor Rick Perry yesterday and today.  Fresh from a tea-bagging event (let your imagination run with it) her visit here only makes sense as we too don't require facts to get all mavericky and stuff and we love us some Palin!  Not that her visit here is a big deal but I wanted to post what I heard from a woman being interviewed on the local news yesterday. She apparently couldn't decide between Kay Baily (R-lying douche) or Rick Perry for Texas governor until she heard Palin endorse Perry and she's all Perry now bitches!

No wonder Texas is in a never ending shit storm against its own middle class when the middle class doesn't know enough to even consider alternatives to the same crap that have resulted in things like keeping 30% of  Texans without health insurance (or other equally appalling metrics like national education rankings, etc.).  Palin makes her mark like Perry, Kay Bailey, and numbers of others always have: incite the crowd to feed on the belief that everything wrong is the result of things like bad border security, Washington interference, and liberals instead of the asshole you put in office.

And another come Palin is addressed as "Governor"?  She quit that job so that shit should stop...just sayin.