Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hannity's Hate Show is Coming to Houston!

Yep, this Saturday, August 1st Sean himself will open the floodgates to shower hate and discontent among thousands that I'm sure will make it to The Woodlands Pavilion. Texas is still reeling from the election of a black president and the local purveyors of hate and stupidity must need the reinforcements. I wonder how many people of the non-Caucasian persuasion or those afflicted with "teh gay" will be there?


  1. That totally deserves an "oh for Cliff's sake."

  2. They would probably be tarred and feathered if they showed up. Hannity would be the first to call them out and have them brought forward to be stripped bare.

  3. Hi Lisa!
    Ain't that the truth. Saw it in the paper this Am and after throwing up figured it blogworthy!

    Hi Annette! Yep, That "entertainment" line up ought to be enough to scare anyone off unless they have a sheet. Wonder what instrument Oliver plays?