Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Africa", Humpday Music

Something we could use a little of here in Texas. Never thought I'd say that from the Houston Metro area. The folks out west of us are even worse off as their drought is labeled "extreme" by the NWS. Anyway, this is great tune. This is Toto recorded line in Amsterdam in 2003 in support of their album "Through the Looking Glass". I think this was their last album and tour together. "Africa" was a number 1 hit back in `82/83. These are the same guys except the drummer, Jeff Porcaro who died at 38 in 1992 due to an allergic reaction to some pesticides he was using at home. Simon Phillips took his place as they were fans of each other as drummers.

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  1. Awesome.. Love this song.. some good music for listening on a hump day for sure.