Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Got Your "End Pin" Right Here!

Willis has a new project. Beyond my current endeavours of solving my unemployment, C-Span, Maury, employment websites, learning church and secular music, maintaining a daytime neighborhood watch (I'm on it if anyone breaks into her house), golf, etc. and I still find time for the arts. Yes, willis acquired a cello. Pronounced "chello" (not "sello", dammit...I figured it out the hard way...don't ask, he's a liar if you already heard about it).
I figured since I've already excelled beyond belief on bass, I can't get into much trouble with another 4 stringed instrument. This is the way willis thinks and years of therapy after parole have confirmed it, so here I am, and you could too!
The 1st pic is my bass next to the cello (that's me in the background with the fedora..kinda pale). The second shot are those from a cello instruction site that I found for you folks....willis doesn't need no stinkin' instructions after all its just a fuckin bass without frets, rotated 90 degrees, tuned completely different that you play with a bow........what could be easier?!
I'll let you know how well the sello floats, burns or plays.


  1. I knew how to say it.. but that's about You lost me after that.. so best I can say is Good Luck..

    Let me know how it goes and when you get it figured out I will be glad to listen..

  2. Will do! Some words have a silent letter, this one has an invisible letter that isn't silent at all....who knew!