Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin's Out!?

Came back from band rehearsal tonight and saw that Sarah has resigned her Governorship...OMG! I mean my first thought was who the hell is gonna watch Russia now? Once my panic subsided (and after a few adult beverages) I had time to actually think this thing through (willis needs time to react and recover from such traumatic events). While Sarah being on watch in Alaska was good, it never occurred to me that the people she is watching can see us (well, her anyway) as well (sneaky bastards). I'm sure the trade off for this arrangement was acceptable to our intel folks (the same ones that think bombing Pakistani civilians has to net at least a few Taliban types) but losing Sarahs looky-looky would change everything. We are having a tough time here in Texas trying to cram a border fence down the throats of some property owners on our border with Mexico so I suggest that the Texas fence be donated to be used on the Alaska border to fix this mess...problem solved.
Seems I have to think of everything.


  1. It was a shocker wasn't it... just about had to pick myself off the floor when I heard it..

    I am sure she will still watch Russia for us for a while.. but, I am afraid she will then want to come here to the lower 48 and help us watch every thing else.. unless they can find something she did wrong up there and put her ass in jail. That's my hope for the next shoe that has yet to drop.

  2. Hi Annette, Something is up here. Gotta be more than meets the eye but even if there isn't, it shows how bat-shit crazy she is.