Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama "Screws up" ProvingThe Imperfections Of His Adminstration

I may be rehashing stuff someone already posted or posting the painfully obvious but I remember in an April 2004 news conference when asked if he could recall any mistakes he's made and Bush was stumped for an answer. Note the date is not only after the Iraq invasion, WMD, etc. (maybe an error or two there ya think?) it's also after his first 4 years in office. Fast forward to now, President Obama after just a Little over two weeks in office admits he's "screwed up" with his last two cabinet nominations.
What appears consistent to me is that both Presidents were wrong. Obama in the poor vetting of his nominations and Bush in thinking he hasn't made a mistake. If one is going to try to fix something or make a correction, it helps if a problem or mistake is identified. All this seems to support the Bush administration's opinion that everything they did over the last eight years, while unpopular, is never the less correct.
This may have had something to do with the results of the last election......I hope the republicans don't figure this out for awhile.

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