Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm really taken with this song. My lovely daughter turned me on to it...or rather it was on her Rhapsody page and I fell into it. I looked around on "You Tube" and other locations and viewed quite a few slide shows people put together behind the music, all of them good but when it came right down to it the original was the best. The music and the lyrics are so powerful it augments any visual accompaniment and apparently it moved others as well. I was thinking how appropriate this is for the Bush years. Then it occurred to me how well it would have fit during our Viet Nam era, the current situation in Darfur, and almost anytime during my lifetime for Israel/Palestinian problems. Now that we have a new president with some long overdue "change" promised, I'm disappointed to say that its still appropriate.

Dammit willis, give Obama a chance. Jeebus dude, he's only been in office for a few weeks! That would sell except for me "change" meant investigations into the Bush administrations wrong doings......all of them, bring in help if you have to but people need to be held to account. That and we shouldn't be bombing Pakistan whenever we feel like it! I'm impressed with Obama and I know he's not going to do everything willis wants. But these things are the big ones...the ones he swore to uphold in his oath, the ones people have died for and are still dying for."

....Don't know why I say the things I say but I say them anyway."

Ain't" No Reason By Brett Dennen

PS: I couldn't figure out how to embed this video so you have to link. Dammit, I said there'd be challenges.....deal with it!

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  1. I really like the "lovely daughter turned me on to it" part...

    Hmmm....what do you want?

    Love ya!