Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just Being American Ain't Enough, You Have to Look Like One Too.

In my opinion, one of the casualties of Bush's "global war on terror" (GWOT) is the perception and prejudice against US citizens of Muslim faith. I remember watching the events of 9/11 as they happened on TV and thinking that collectively as a country, we have no understanding of the people that did this and the religion in the name under which they perpetrated it, however misguided. From my meager understanding of the Muslim faith, 9/11 was as much an abomination to them as it was to non -Muslims. To keep things in perspective here, Christians have their own set of nut cases as evidenced by the Reverend Jerry Falwell who thought it reasonable to blame gays for 9/11, and others that do worse things driven by their faith like murdering doctors or bombing clinics.
The prejudice toward the Sikh family, silently profiled to be dangerous in the minds of the Harris County (Houston TX) Sheriffs deputies that responded to the family's 911 call about their home being burglarized, is very apparent. This family was "terrorized in their own home" because they didn't look are act like the officers expected. While wearing turbans and ceremonial daggers may be unusual, there should be no reason to swear at 8 year old children or to handcuff a 60 year old woman.

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  1. Sadly, law enforcement agents all across the country concentrate on taking down the easy targets whenever they can. Less risk involved, and they still get to look like they're doing something important.