Friday, February 20, 2009

Human Hemroid

This shot was originally part of a very valid post at blondsense, which I love reading by the by. Go read the post at blondsense `cause its good....real good and puts this shot in better context than I will. So now that I've given credit for ripping off the shot, I'll bring all of this to a lower level.
I spewed coffee all over the keyboard and had tears I was laughing so much at this shot. I have to believe that the dude up the elephants ass in no way had this in mind when applying for the job. Just how does one cover this in an interview:
"Can you work nights, weekends?" "Can you travel?" "If the travel involves cramming yourself up an elephants ass from time to that a problem?"
Do ya suppose they drew straws to see who's "going in" and why is the guy on the right is so smug? What sort of a suit is the ass-diver wearing? Do they make a garment specifically for elephant ass spelunking? What covers the guy's head in there and how does he see or is this a tactile job only? I only hope that yellow hose going up the ass-divers suit is for his air supply. Most importantly, I wonder how you prep an elephant for this event? A 55 gal drum of "KY" comes to mind but is it available in drums and how embarrassing would that be to order? Does the elephant like it, especially the tactile part?


  1. A reenactment of Bush's birth?

  2. Oh my. Well, I will never complain about my job again. I may deal with assholes from time to time, but I never have to actually get up inside one.