Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flinging Some POO on Senator Cornyn

John Cornyn enthusiastically supported the Alberto " fuck you, we waterboard" Gonzales nomination to be the head lawbreaker, formerly the office of the Attorney General, and oozed the following:
"Senate confirmation was a repudiation of ‘unjustified attacks’ and a victory for national and homeland security.
"Despite the angry rhetoric and unjustified attacks by Democrat leadership, I’m delighted that Alberto Gonzales has been confirmed as our nation’s top law enforcement officer," Cornyn said. "I’m confident he’ll do an outstanding job in this new post and his example will be an inspiration, not just for the Hispanic community, but for all Americans.""
Cornyn will never miss an opportunity to fling poo at the obstructionist Democrats while licking Bush's ass regardless if any of them reluctantly supported Gonzales.
Despite "You Tube", the Congressional Record, and other Islamic media formats that record him verbatim, he erases his earlier remarks from everyone's memory on 8/10/2007 with the following to the American-Statesman editorial board:
"He's (Gonzales) a good person, but I look at his jobs he's held, and I wonder what has prepared him for being the head of the Department of Justice and 110,000 employees in a highly partisan and difficult political environment,"
A little over two weeks later Abu Al resigns and Cornyn is taken with the sadness of the occasion.
There were two short term AGs after Gonzales hung up his jumper cables, Paul Clement for 24 hours then Peter Keisler. Both out of session appointees by Bush. Clement resigned to teach at Georgetown then Keisler came in. If guilt by association means anything, Peter clerked for Judge Bork and defended Bushes policies in our never ending GWOT. Mukasey came in after a stormy approval to finish the Bush term.
Under Obama, Holder is now confirmed and approved but Cornyn, his ethics intact, has reservations:
“Part of my concern relates to his statements at the hearing with regard to torture and what his intentions are toward our intelligence personnel who were operating in good faith based on their understanding of what the law was.”
The former AG for the State of Texas doesn't care if any laws were broken, only that intelligence personnel might be prosecuted. Give me a break. Cornyn cares as much for intelligence workers as he does for child health care and veterans - ZIP! All he wants to do is protect the people of power responsible for establishing an environment that allowed the shredding our Constitution.
If he can't be arrested, why can't he be disbarred, or waterboarded, or even had some poo flung at him?

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