Monday, January 19, 2009

Somebody May be Hiding Your Mail, & You Might Care!

Periodically, the Post Office audits the functions of carriers, clerks and others which doesn't seem like a big deal. Afterall, prudent management would want to be aware of changes in order to properly respond by shifting manpower or changing route structure, etc. as things evolve. However, recently in Philadelphia it was discovered by Nick Casselli (pictured at the link) after a little snooping that management at a Philly postal processing plant was using their audit to support management's position that they were over staffed by falsely dropping the workload by "hiding" the mail.

So why does "willis" give a shit what happened to postal workers in Philly beyond being the caring individual I am? My first wife (also my current and only wife) is a letter carrier at a Houston area post office which is undergoing the same audit process. It's odd that for some reason the mail volume at her office drops almost in half during "audit week" and this phenomenon occurs without fail every time they are audited. Her office currently operates with too few clerks and several "open" routes and yet they are taking the numbers they get from this audit to use to support additional staff cuts. Right now they use overtime to support the open routes.

Maybe not germane to any of this but the Postmaster General, John E. Potter, received a whopping 39% compensation increase last year ........$258,840, up from $186,600 . I'm sure its just a coincidence.

I'd like to put on the Greg Palast Hat and go under cover to see what really goes on. There would have to be a fair number of folks involved and everyone either isn't as good a liar as Rumsfeld, Rice, or Cheney and/or they would blow the whistle on a deception of this scale. One would think. However, rank and file postal workers are not generally millionaires and whistle blowing is a rare occurrence for fear of retaliation I have on good athority.

I'll post more if I hear anything....


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