Friday, January 30, 2009

John Cornyn is a Major Asshat

Chart positioning Cornyn at the left isn't much more than I would need to convince myself but after listening to this idiot today on C-Span I couldn't stand it. So you get a small rant from willis.
Just from memory during Senator's Fiengold's censure hearing on Bush when John Dean was called to testify, Cornyn "assailed Dean calling him a “convicted felon” and accusing him of selling a book and his testimony being “part of the marketing effort.”" Dean is no angel. He is a convicted felon from the Watergate fiasco and regrets his crime. Cornyn's disregard for convicted felons only seems to go so far as he licks Oliver North's ass. Just as a side bar, North's actions in Iran-Contra resulted in deaths untold while I don't believe anyone lost their life in Dean's obstruction of justice.
Pastor John Hagee supports Cornyn with financial contributions (along with Huckabible and McSame). I don't care if its legal or not. Both are way right and way asshat.
Now Cornyn is all upset about "oversight" and vetting the new appointments from the Obama administration. Forchrisakes he hasn't batted an eye about oversight, subpoena avoidance, or spending us into oblivion for the past 8 years and now he gives a shit? I almost starting drinking at 10AM!
Cornyn will say whatever he has to to shove his philosophy forward. He is an opportunist that will shield his lies in persuasive oratory. He'll do his campaign ad's in jeans, cowboy hat and a work shirt on the Texas prairie to smoosh his re-election. What's worse is he enjoys the support of most Texans. Most Texas don't even know who the new vice president is. Gads!

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  1. If it looks like Bullshit, smells like like Bullshit and TASTES like Bullshit, it's Bullshit.