Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its January 20th, 12:15 in the AM Houston Time. Early but still 1/20/2009 and I have a blog (OMG!) where I can post anything I want to say to the world. First off, willis is fairly inebriated. Not planned, but it is what I am as shit sneaks up on one once in a while.

Tomorrow at 12:01PM we will have a new president. The eight years of horror from the Bush administration have resulted in two wars, one of them started under false assumptions aggressively sold to us and Congress resulting in almost 5000 American soldiers lost, close to 20,000 disabled and an untold number of innocent civilians dead in both theatres, the loss of New Orleans, The adoption of torture as a military means of intelligence gathering, the shredding of our rights of individual protections under the Constitution, etc.....Fuck it, check this to see all of it as it's too long a list.

I hope the bastards are all held accountable for their crimes. All of `em; Rice, Wofowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Pearle, Ashcroft, Gonzales...my god, where does it stop.

If I was Obama, I wouldn't want the job. But he's there with better than a million others hoping for some salvation from the last 8 years of destruction, and I hope to hell he can deliver. I fear, however it may be beyond what any one man can do in 4 years or even 8, regardless how competent he is. Still I look on this new administration with hope. There'll be disappointments for sure, things he'll do I won't like and maybe policies I won't agree with. But as long as his administration is "relatively" straight with me, I can deal with it. I say "relatively" as there are 300 million of us....I don't expect a personal call!

If there is a God, now is the time for him to bless America and its leaders.


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