Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Later in Life

No child left behind strikes. Ah, maybe not. I remember being forced to do this stuff when I didn't want to and the project reflected it. I had to do a term paper in Senior HS English where we couldn't pick our subjects and I was assigned "the effects of the middle ages on Thomas Gray". I had no idea who the fuck Gray was or how the middle ages affected him. It strikes me later in life that these were assigned to make it easier for the teacher to spend less time grading because it was a subject she knew. The bitch... why do I have to know about anything she enjoyed versus something I want to do (which was nothing, by the way)? I turned in something plagiarized from an encyclopedia, triple spaced and as a result, I hated Senior HS English and graduated with a "D".
It also strikes me later in life (as so much does - anyone have time for crap that smacks them later in life versus dealing with "later in life" as it is? Okay thanks.) that if I was her I probably would have done the same thing or worse. I'd have told the miserable little fucks to provide a written description of how to tie your shoe and pass it to the idiot to the left, see what they do with it and base the grade on that. Just because I didn't care about Gray or the middle ages doesn't mean crap. She wanted to see what I could do... the bitch.......I'll never forgive her for letting me graduate.

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