Friday, April 10, 2009

The Big One?

willis has a birthday coming up this Tuesday, April 14th. Except to thank my Mom, I don't really celebrate my birthdays..... I just get pissed when others don't. Keep that in mind. while giving me a tower is better than tube socks it hardly measures up to the occasion. Other less significant events on that date would be Lincoln's assassination in 1865 and an ice berg recklessly ran into the HMS Titanic in the north Atlantic in 1912. The latter should settle the myth of global warming once and for all (these frozen murdering hordes have been out there for years). However, on exhaustive research of the date (I looked at wiki) I did find one item worthy of sharing this noble calendaric (I just made that word up....its my birthday donchakno) event:
"1894Thomas Edison demonstrates the kinetoscope, a device for peep-show viewing..."
In honor of Tom's demonstration in 1894 and it's future contribution to the modern world or porn we now enjoy, I'll donate a floor of the aforementioned willis tower to peep-shows. I know, I'm excited as well.
willis will be 59 on Tuesday. When one thinks about it, my 59th year is over and I'm starting on my 60th year on April 15th, otherwise I'd have been born one year old. So I'm starting my 60th year soon and it's cool! I have good health (regardless of self destructive habits), a wonderful family (again, regardless of self destructive habits) and about everything I could ever want......"regardless of..." you know the rest.
It isn't that as one gets older one needs less, I think that as I get older, I appreciate what I have more. Cheers!


  1. Happy birthday! I've been 59 for several months now. It doesn't totally suck. Hope you have a wonderful day and 60th year.

  2. Thank you so much Zen! Especially nice to hear from others that have acheived this mile stone!

  3. This is a "Thank You" note to Willis' Mother for giving life to such a wonderful person.

    BTW, here's to lookin' at year 60 dude.

  4. Well Happy Birthday Willis.. Today is mine so I am 3 days before you.. and a little younger but not only 3 years...

    Hope you have a great one.. You don't look a day over 29 to me..

  5. Thanks Eddie, I'll pass on your thanks to Mom. She's quite a lady.

    Thank you Annette and a very Happy Birthday to you as well! On the 29 thing....I think I'm beginning to develop a crush on you!

  6. I knew she'd be a great lady.
    She'd have to be to have a wonderful son like you, my friend.

  7. Here's another Happy Birthday. I had my 66th in February and just to let you know, number 60 isn't a bad thing.
    Best wishes!

  8. Your family loves you (regardless of your and our self destructive habits) ;)

    Happy Birthday!

    I'll see what we can do about the tower...