Saturday, April 11, 2009

Patriot On The Front Lines

Being a border state, Texas bears the awesome responsibility of keeping the rest of the nation safe from the hordes of gay-illegal immigrant-terrorist that stream across our common border with Mexico. Fortunately, some of our legislators also have the fortitude and foresight to ensure that not only members of this menacing group are kept away from our voting process, but also those with funny, un-American sounding names are also kept away. State Representative Betty Brown (TX-4) is one of those patriots.

Here Betty Brown in discussion on the voter ID bill in the Texas legislature suggest that Asians should maybe think about changing their names so that they're easier on us "real" Americans. The stupid, it burns! I suggest that all Asian Americans immediately change their names to "Betty Brown" so Betty can handle it. Wonder how she does with "neukular".


  1. I think that's exactly what they should do.. even the guys.. that would shut her up once and for all.. of course I heard she was now backtracking but I think they should still do it.. or at least a wide majority of them..

  2. I love the way she refers to all those of Asian decent as Chinese. Then there's the way she says "your citizens" like they're not citizens of the US.

    Ya doesn't matter which state you're from, every one of 'em has their own batshit crazy rightwingnuts.

  3. Annette, She has been on the defensive ever since those remarks...pretty hard to un-ring that bell!

    Eddie, Texas doesn't have a lock on the market for Batshit crazy bigots for sure. I'm just amazed they stay in office after spewing this sort of crap.

  4. We have a crazy voter ID law here.

  5. You gotta know, the only way the batshit crazies get into office is the huge number of batshit crazies voting 'em in.
    Now that is a scary fact.

  6. I think there are too many people named Brown. I mean, how're we supposed to ID 'em that way. Betty Brown should change her name to something less common.