Monday, February 28, 2011

Opression, Better late Than Never

I can't handle this sort of pressure.  Besides all my other problems, shortcomings, and faults,  acquired through years of practice and patience, now it seems I'm oppressed for being a white male as well.  I guess it's easy for this sort of thing to sneak up one.  Fortunately, others are out there on the vanguard to spot these things for those of us that don't have the advantage of previous oppression in our heritage.  The newly formed "Former Majority Association for Equality" is that vanguard.   Catchy F/Book logo!

They're a Texas based non-profit group in San Marcos offering $500 scholarships to white male students as we are now part of the minority here in Texas.  Probably Obama's fault as the last census results show non-Hispanic whites only make up only 45% of the population.  The scholarship doesn't appear to apply to white females even though they are probably a part of that 45% but hey, that only means I still get to oppress someone while I'm being oppressed........take that my white sisters...and get me a beer dammit!

On the positive side, my recent absence from blogging I owe to my return to college.  Willis can now not only get a scholarship, soon I'll be able to pack heat on campus as well!  About time dammit...every fetus should have the right to bear arms.

Texas,  what a country!

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