Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miss Me Yet?

NO...Not Now, Not Ever, thanks so much for asking!

In December 2008, during this idiot's lame duck period (one could argue that, in deference to ducks, the "lame" portion of his administration started in 2000...but I digress), he issued a stack of "sweeping" rules for health care workers allowing them to refuse to take part in any care they considered contrary to their religious beliefs. 

"The astonishingly broad and far-sweeping reach of the regulations extended beyond reproductive healthcare, such as sterilization and abortion, to cover areas such as end-of-life directives, care of patients with HIV, and even use of psychiatric medicines"

The Obama administration has issue new regulations to fix this final kiss off from from GW.  

Small but important things happen from time to time.  Sometimes even in favor of people over beliefs. 


  1. What I have to say to GWB (Gone with the Buttfucker) is...kiss my place where the Sun never shines...asshole.

    Sorry that my first comment on your fine blog is, well...crude. The man brings the crude out in the open for me.

  2. Thanks for stopping by jadedj1 My feelings exactly and make yourself comfortable with any comments!