Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Willis Has $.02 and He's Blowing it Here...

Kinda looks like my checkbook.... This whole thing about Joe Wilson (R, Scumbag) being dragged through the streets to apologize before Congress pisses me off. I know, the guy is a miserable right wing tool and he's proved he's dumber than a warm box of sand by the content of his comment during Obama's speech more so than its timing, but that's not the point. He apologized (half-assed, under duress, etc.) to Obama, the President accepted it and now it's over. For Congress to waste time on a display of indignation for an idiot's fuck up by a body whose members are famous for fuckin up accomplishes nothing...NOTHING! People need health care, wars to end, jobs, etc. .........Get after it dammit!


  1. don't disagree but my bitch is that if it is taken up in the house which it was you have to support the resolution which 17 did not.

  2. I understand where you are coming from, but I also think it is about time the Democrats stood up and grew some balls and stood up the rethugs for disrespecting the President. There are rules of order and procedure in Congress and he violated them, clearly, plainly and intentionally. He almost had to be punished, and they used the very mildest punishment there was..

    The rethugs need to be taught a lesson and this was an easy one. Look what happened anytime anyone spoke against Bush..

  3. One Fly - Agree it should have been a slam-dunk from all. I listened to the debate on C-Span and tuned off out of frustration before he vote.

    Annette - No argument. Wilson's comment was right up there with the stupidity spewed from folks like Bachman, Schmidt and others and he deserved at least this. But in the end it really didn't resolve anything except to make an example of him....which is okay by me, now get on with it!