Friday, August 28, 2009

Town Hall Meetings

Rick Casey (columnist for the Houston Chronicle) wrote a piece today titled "How to Hold a Civil Town Hall Meeting" that I had to read at least three times to appreciate. I hope you'll look at least once. What I find telling is that in congressional districts that are staunch anti-Obama on any level and have a republican representative (redundant in Montgomery County, Texas but I hold hope for all others), the representatives need to put forth no effort to hold a town hall meeting. Just show up (late, drunk, hungover, in golf attire from an outing with the Pharm-guys, doesn't matter) and parrot Limbaugh lines. Otherwise, you have to work at it and this is how you do it.


  1. Hey Willis... I enjoyed reading that article..

    I have given you an award.. Please come by my place and get it when you get a chance.. Thanks.

  2. Your comment about converting "stupid" to oil made my day! Count me as a follower.