Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Not to be out done by the new Sagemont Baptist Church 170" cross . The Grace Community Church is planning two ginormus crosses to be located near I-45, one at the north end of Houston and the other at the south. Everyone knows two 150 footers is better than one 170 footer although this does leave the eastern and western portals to our city exposed.

The Sagemont cross is more than a cross though in that it includes:

"an amphitheater and 2,500 square foot platform that is open around the clock, is part of the Living Proof Project which they describe as "landscaping that includes a master-planned design complete with two lakes, prayer garden, and places to meditate and worship God the Creator" and "a beautiful new building that will house a 2,400-seat worship auditorium, adult discipling rooms, prayer room, bookstore, library, coffee shop, reception area, foyers for fellowship, fabulous restrooms, wide halls, and much more. This 120,000 square foot building, designed by Shanks Architects in Dallas, will allow Sagemont to embrace our core value of excellence as we worship together and equip people for life and service."
Anyone know what "adult discipling rooms" are?

Up in the panhandle of Texas, (near a town called "Groom") they have one that is 200 feet tall. These are all privately funded so our taxes can be applied to more useful ventures like Wall Street.

Some folks are against these monuments as they are visible from local homes and highways. I, for one, know they perform a valuable service in that I've never heard of any vampires even close to these areas.


  1. Does all the opulence make them better christians, or help them 'worship' better, or bring them closer to their god?

    Or would the money spent on this opulence have been better spent feeding the hungry, getting medical attention for the uninsured who are ill, and housing the homeless?

    Or could it be that they 'feel' better about themselves when they 'worship' in such opulence.

    Such a waste of money!

  2. The cost of these things hasn't been published that I can find but an educated guess from one of the sites where I found them was about $1 million each. Pretty ridiculus to be sure.

  3. Such a waste of money which could be used to help those in need in the community of man.

  4. Are these dinks thinking that someone around there dosen't think they are christians or something?

  5. I think it was either Ann Richards or Molly Ivins that said "sittin in church every Sunday doesn't make you any more religeous than sittin in your garage will make you a car". These towers of babel are not just a texas thing. They're also in several other states (all southern I'm thinking).

  6. I drive past that abomination often, and I must say I've been hasty in my condemnation - I stupidly never considered the vampire reducing properties of such a device.

  7. There's probably more truth in vampires than the invisible cloud being.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  8. "Marking our city" sounds more as though they intend to pee all over it.

    Which I guess they are doing, after a fashion.

  9. Thx, EB for comin by!
    The crosses are one thing, you ought to see some of the "mega churches" down here. Neon signs, huge palm trees, billboards, TV spots...its unreal.