Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Advise For My Congressman

Mr Brady,
If you ever find yourself in a quandary about the right thing to do, a good rule of thumb is often available from your colleague, Louie Gohmert (R...of course, TX1).....just do something other than what Louie does and you should be okay.  Louie stepping into the pool with Bachman should be enough evidence of the value of this theory.... 

Gohmert appeared on The Dennis Miller Show radio program Tuesday, where he said "it's obvious that [McCain] didn't even read the letter because of what he accused Michele and us of making these horrible allegations. There were five letters and there were many things that are stated that are facts in each letter, and I wish some of these numbnuts would go out and read the letter before they make these horrible allegations about the horrible accusations we're making."

 My congressman is Kevin Brady (R...of course, TX8) and does enough dumb shit on his own.  Even though I doubt this will mean much to him, I'm just trying to be helpful.


  1. Gahmert is special. I mean special.
    I've been watching that dolt for a couple of years now and have to wonder what the hell people in Texas have in their water that makes a candidate like that attractive for a national office. But then, I look at the assholes we send to Nashville and Washington and realize we've got the same water quality issues you do there.
    I live in a town where the fundamentalists have been stirred up into a froth about a mosque, a mosque for people who have been living and worshipping in this town for over a quarter of a century without incident. Some outsiders rolled into town railing about radical Muslims, and the next thing you know little ol' Murfreesboro, Tennessee is on the national radar as a laughing stock for late night comics.
    We plug along hoping sanity will suddenly become in vogue for this infestation of teabagger wingnuts, but really, what can we do?
    In the meantime, a coalition of the same idiots has sanctioned their own Republican governor for having the temerity to have a Muslim woman in his administration... thus making the state vulnerable to Sharia Law as soon as we turn our attentions elsewhere, I suppose.
    It's madness, times ten, and the same knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing troglodytes who spout this shit in Texas are alive and thriving here in middle Tennessee. You have our condolences. We hope we have yours.

  2. Thanks for the comment, nice to know I've got company in this environment. Seems to be getting worse lately. I'm thinking the Muslims stay away from here on purpose as I'm certain the same or worse would be in store in SE Texas!