Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Friend I Never Knew

I'm not real good at this but that really doesn't matter as it isn't about me.  I never knew Jon Swift personally but I would've liked to.  He has a great blog, was a gifted writer, and suddenly stopped posting a year ago for unknown reasons.  The subject of his last post would be enough for anyone to make a change, I don't know.  Jon Swift's real name was Al Weisel and he died on Feburary 27th, this year on his way to his father's funeral.  His Mother annouced the news of his death in the "comments" to his last blog post.

"Sometimes, there aren't words".... But in reality these aren't those times, dammit,  Go to the link above and read what he wrote.  Damn, he's good and I'll remember him for the thrill of reading him!

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