Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Huckabee On The Daily Show Tonight

It'll be interesting to see what if anything, is said about Huckabee's commuting a 108 year sentence on Maurice Clemmons. Clemmons killed four police officers in Washington on 11/29 and was himself killed by police several days later. Huckabee caught a fair degree of grief from both the left and right for his actions while he was governor of Arkansas and has stood his ground.

I don't have much use for Huckabee. To me he is one example of what's wrong on the political right. I say "one example" as each of the republican nominees for the presidential election in 2008 brought their own slice of batshit crazy to the table (McCain = war is good, Rudy = everything is 9/11, Fred = senility, Tancredo = wholly crap!, etc). That and since then Bible-Huck got his own show on Fox to continue to show us why we should be thankful he didn't get close to being elected. That said, I'm backing Huckabee (just this once, dammit) sticking with his decision on Clemmons (one might say there's little else he can do and one would probably be right). However, living here in the Republic of East Texas and watching our Governor Perry repeatedly refuse to move on the death penalty against the recommendations of parole boards and others for several Texas inmates makes Huckabees's actions laudable by comparison....just sayin. It shows an unexpected degree of open-mindedness from a member of a crowd that views everything in black and white.


  1. Willis! A liberal in Texas. You must feel like the Maytag repairman!

    Thanks for your comment on the Obama accomplishments list. I checked out your profile and was surprised and pleased to see “DemWit” in your faves list. Thanks!

    I read, and I like your writing.

    I’ve had an interesting couple of days (see DemWit Thursday), so I’ll be back to read more of your blog now that things have settled down a bit.


  2. Hi B.J. and welcome! There are several of us libs here in Texas but it is a rare breed. I enjoy your blog after stopping by from Sue's place.