Sunday, June 14, 2009

Insured or Not, it's a Crap Shoot.

This is just about as good an explanation as I've seen about why we need health care reform and why the government needs to be involved. I know at least one family where bankruptcy was the only alternative after a serious illness while they were "covered" under an employers health plan. I had a bout with melanoma late last year where a large patch of skin was removed from my arm along with some lymph nodes in my shoulder. The cost deductible had to be met for each discipline of the medical procedure instead of what one (a non medical type person like myself) would expect. The bottom line was thousands out of pocket.
Almost everyone I know is one major medical event from being bankrupted regardless of their "coverage". This is not a good system.


  1. There have been maybe a dozen or so from Canada & Europe I've spoken too about their health care. They like it-end of fucking story.

    We'll see what happens as this plays out. In the end the corporations will have their way just watch.

  2. We need this Health Care Reform done. The obstructionists are just throwing every excuse in the world in the way just to obstruct. It is all just a way to try to stop Pres. Obama from getting his platform done. He promised this to the people when he was running for President. This is also part of the recovery we need as a country. They know this, and they know if they can stop it, that it will help slow down the recovery of the economy.

    How better to make him fail as Rush, the leader of the FOP wants to happen, than to stop the recovery from continuing.